Subsea Sports .. Reel Equipment for Real Divers

Subsea Sports designs and manufactures durable equipment for the dive pro. Buy direct from us and save the dive shop markup.  Products we offer are primary reels and accessories, CO2 self inflate DSMBs, Lionfish gear, BCD Backplates and Tank Stabilizers, pony tank mounts, regulator parts, tank maintenance tools, and specialty vintage SCUBA equipment. 


Our flagship products are the SLIM, Open Water Pro Dive Reel, and the M.O.A.R!. These reels are designed to withstand the tough elements you will be exposed to and is the best tool for your next dive adventure as your primary reel for open water and wreck diving.

The SLIM Reel

The SLIM Compact Primary Reel




Open Water Pro Primary SCUBA dive reel


The M.O.A.R.

The MOAR Primary Dive Reel



  • ALL STAINLESS STEEL construction
  • Models for various tasks in 100', 200', 400' capacities
  • Short ratchet thumb mechanism 
  • Integrated SMB carrier  
  • Left Hand and Right Hand models 
  • Dedicated upline snap ring (M.O.A.R.)
  • Made in USA
  • Backed by our unprecedented warranty

Whether it's deploying an SMB at depth, using a drift dive buoy, wreck penetration, rigging an up-line, or laying line in poor visibility, Subsea Sports will guide you with confidence. 








Subsea Sports is doing our part to help save our local reefs....check out our Slinger Lionfish Polespear with tension lock trigger! More info here




Made in USA! 

Veteran Owned Business

We offer a limited lifetime transferable warranty on all our reel and backplate products.  

Buy with confidence!

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