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Thank you for choosing Subsea Sports!  Here you will find tips on maintaining your new piece of kit.



With minimal proper care, your new reel will last you through your dive career.  That's a promise from us.

As we all know as divers, the world's oceans are brutal on dive gear, to include stainless steel equipment.  All stainless gear should be rinsed and dried as best as possible (knives, cutters etc.)

A simple post dive rinse in a fresh/tap water basin will suffice to clean the surfaces of your reel.  If possible, use an air gun nozzle on your QD bc hose (on your regulator set) to blow out the spring and thumb lever area.

While the handle, bushings, and bearing sleeves are made from UHMW and they are very durable in nature, the material is not designed to sustain perpetual exposure to UV (the Sun).  Please store once cleaned with the rest of your dive gear out of the elements.

DO NOT disassemble your reel.  This will void warranty.   Our reels use  UHMW plastics for bearing surfaces which is self lubricating.  DO NOT USE ANY LUBRICATION, this will attract debris and cause your reel to bind.

While stainless steel has an attractive finish, it will scratch relatively easy.  If you wish to address scratches, use a green scratch pad and lightly buff following the 'grain' found on the surface of the reel from original buffing.



Slinger Polespear

Your Slinger Polespear has few components which makes it robust and reliable.  It needs little to no maintenance with the exception of a fresh water rinse after use.

During normal operation, you will notice scratches and minor marks on the aluminum tube.  This is normal.  This is from the trigger lock mechanism grabbing the pole when engaged.  If you wish to brighten the aluminum tube, a green scratch pad will clean most of it off.  This is not necessary though.

Over time, the band will deteriorate whether it is used or not.   This is a simple item to replace.  You can purchase OEM replacement bands from us, or use a 13" 3/8" band.  Bands will have to be tied in due to nature of the design.  If purchasing ours, a simple half hitch knot will be needed.

DO NOT FIRE/RELEASE TRIGGER LOCK MECHANISM OUT OF WATER!!  This will damage the handle and will void warranty.  Although it is not a speargun, spearing safety must be observed.  Never point at anything that you are not going to shoot at.   Serious bodily injury can occur if not properly used.  Please seek training if you are not familiar with spearing fish.


Please feel free to contact us with any questions



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