SCUBA Tank Cleaning Whip / Brush

SCUBA Tank Cleaning Whip / Brush

This is our SCUBA tank whip which is ideal to remove rust in steel tanks as well as corrosion in aluminum tanks.


  • 31" long (from rod end to beginning of strands) + 11" bristle strands.
  • 5/8" at its widest point - will fit vintage 1/2" NGT necked tanks.
  • Aluminum rod to prevent tank thread damage.
  • Aluminum Oxide bristles provide efficient abrasion at all points of contact.
  • Replaceable bristle head.  (short  and standard bristle tip available for purchase)



This tank whip is not intended to remove major scale rust; do not use in lieu of tank tumbling.  Premature wear will occur if used so.  Use a variable speed drill (that will accept a 1/4" shank) at the lower to mid range of its RPM as the abrasive strands do not need much speed to work properly.  Always blow out tank post cleaning and inspect according to VIP guidelines.  Wear appropriate eye protection and face mask as with any power tool operation.





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