WARNING: CO2 cartridges are pressurized vessels and can cause injury if not handled properly. Never store the cartridges in or near any hot place, such as in the car under direct sunshine, near a heater or other heat source.   Do not store in a manner that the top of the cartridge can be punctured accidentally.  Gas release in an open air environment will cause the cartridge to lightly freeze, which can cause injury if mishandled.  Do not breathe the contents of the vented gas as this will have adverse effect.  CO2 cartridges fall under HAZMAT shipping guidelines and will be shipped via ground transportation.  

While use of our CO2 charged self inflating DSMB is straight forward, please review this outline for successful use of the product.

Using the CO2 charging mechanism is not intended as a substitute for a required skill in Open Water diving but rather offered as a means to expedite and facilitate a basic known procedure.  If you are not familiar or trained with DSMB deployment, we strongly encourage you to do so prior to use of our product.


To install a cartridge:

  • Use only 20 gram CO2 cartridges with 3/8 x 24 threads.  Cartridges can be purchased on our website or should be available at your local bicycle shop, etc.
  • Move Charge Lever to the closed position.
  • Screw the threaded cartridge until it bottoms against the installed rubber washer.  Then tighten about ⅛ of a turn more to secure.  Be careful not cross-thread the cartridge as this will damage the charger’s threads and render the SMB inoperable.  Do not overtighten the cartridge as it will make it’s removal difficult.
  • Use one hand to hold the charge lever closed and use your other hand to wrap the lever line 2 times around the neck of the cartridge 
  • Then press the snap ring onto the cartridge.  Slide the snap ring toward the end of the cartridge to keep tension on the line.
  • There should be little to no slack on the lever line at this point.
  • Roll the SMB with the components on the inside and use the hook and loop strap and bungee to secure in the rolled position.


To Deploy:

  • Unfurl the SMB
  • Use the finger ring attached to the snap ring to remove it from the cartridge.  A simple pull and rocking of your hand against the cartridge will suffice and alleviate undue stress to the SMB.
  • Unwind the lever cord so it is free from the cartridge
  • Use your training again to make sure you are ready to safely deploy the SMB (nothing above you and the SMB is spaced away from you to prevent entanglement)
  • While holding the lever cord in your hand (do not use your finger in the ring) pull the lever cord downward with light force to discharge the CO2 cartridge.  Preferred method is to let the connected reel hang from the bottom and use one hand to hold the edge of the SMB and the other to pull the lever cord, or to use the lever like a trigger (index finger against the cartridge and your middle/ring finger to press the lever like a trigger)
  • Depending on your depth when activated, the volume will of course vary.  Be prepared to let it ascend.  Once it is on the surface, the SMB will be full.
  • DO NOT use the oral inflator once the SMB is full of CO2.  There is a small chance of you inhaling the contents if you do so.


Care and Maintenance:

  • As with all SCUBA gear, proper rinsing of your equipment post dive is required to maintain serviceability.
  • Remove the spent or unused cartridge and rinse/soak your SMB in freshwater.  If your cartridge is unused, rinse and dry it off.  The cartridges are zinc plated steel, drying off a sealed cartridge with a cloth will keep it usable for the next dive.
  • Please dispose of your spent cartridge appropriately….recycle when possible.
  • A cartridge must be installed for SMB to seal and be airtight.
  • Also, note the spent cartridge also makes for an ideal tool to work on 1st stage regulators.  Thread the cleaned spent cartridge into an available low pressure port and place the cartridge in a vise…now you have a 1st stage holder!



Subsea Sports offers service/overhaul for our CO2DSMB, with quick turn around.

Current pricing is $22.50, which includes return shipping.   Price covers the CO2 mechanism parts only.  No CO2 cartridges included.  SMB is tested prior to return.  Customer is responsible for shipping to us for both service and warranty.



DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DISASSEMBLE THE CO2 DEVICE!!!  Special tools are required. Disassembly will void your warranty.

We warranty this  item to be free of manufacturer defects for one year from the time of purchase, to the original purchaser only.  Unauthorized modifications or repairs will VOID the manufacturer's warranty.  Negligence, accidental damage, and abuse are not covered under this warranty.


Please go to our website to initiate the service request.


Dive Safe…Dive Often and ‘Send It’ with your CO2DSMB!


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